Rememberance Day 2013

I had a different type of blog originally planned for today.  It was highlighting the past few days of my trip to DC.  However, while touring the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, on Friday morning, I decided immediately that today’s blog needed to focus on something different.

Beginning today at sundown and though sunset tomorrow is known as Remembrance Day.  It marks the anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, which occurred in 1943.  I encourage everyone reading this blog to take a moment and reflect on the events of the Holocaust and to memorialize those whose lives were forever changed as result of a terrible act on humanity.

Below you will find a link to a 9 minute video which is titled “Why we Remember:

If you are ever visiting the DC area I encourage you to visit this memorial.  It is a moving, thought provoking and an educational walk through of the Nazi assault, the Final Solution and the Last Chapter of the Holocaust.


There are no real words that can describe the feelings conjured during my visit to this memorial.  My “traveling buddy” and I both exited the museum and could not easily articulate our overall thoughts of the space.  Photography is already such a strong medium for me and images of such terrible acts of inhumanity have now been imbedded into my mind and I am genuinely appreciative of what this memorial offered and the education I received.

I was humbled and overcome with emotion as I walked into the museum’s Hall of Remembrance.  A space created for reflection where a solemn flame burns over dirt gathered from death camps, concentration camps and sites of mass execution. On the main wall reads the following inscription:

“Only guard yourself and guard your soul carefully.  Lest you forget the things your eyes saw, and lest these things depart your heart all the days of your life.  And you shall make them known to your children and to your children’s children.”

May God Bless this country, the people living in it and the people fighting hard to keep it safe. Much Love, J


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I sat down a few weeks ago wanting to blog AGAIN. Crazy right…I didnt blog for 9 months and now all of the sudden….I am blogging 2 times in less than 6 weeks!  I received so many private messages after my last post that I kept thinking – huh I might be onto something!  Thank you to those who reached out and I appreciate the comments received.

I realized my blog doesn’t have to be all about photography.  Heck, I’d rather it not be ALL about photography of my clients, but when I started this thing “back in the day” that’s what it became.

Photography of my friends, family and clients literally took over my life.  And at the time, I needed something to take over my life (maybe I’ll blog about that later down the road and if I’m being honest with the internet world, there might already be something sitting in “draft” status).  Needless to say, photography began as a whirlwind.  I was seriously not prepared for what would come my way when 2010 came knocking at my door.  In fact, I don’t know that from 2009 on, I ever felt on track – at least not until last year.

You might have wondered over the past year if I was still doing photography and the simple answer is yes.  Yes, I have a full-time job and YES I do photography on the side.  It’s simple, I love photography and whether my blog and Facebook pages are filled with “new images” or not, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t continued to tote my camera around capturing things as I see them.

In fact, I think the future of Jenny Peppers Photography might be changing slightly and I couldn’t be happier.  I hope you enjoy it as you start to see things change.  In all honesty, you’re going to see a little less focus on the quantity of clients, and more focus on the path I was hoping this would take years ago (a creative outlet).   This blog will most likely become a hodgepodge of thoughts, photography and life in general.  It’s taken me a little while but I believe this is the direction that will make me happy and will ensure I’m delivering the product I want to deliver when I do take on clients.  SO brace yourselves people….things are about to change around here!   And for the first time in years, the change is oh so welcomed!

And don’t worry I’m not planning a post for tomorrow that’s titled “April Fools!”  Mainly that’s because I’ll be outta pocket for a few days – im heading to DC in hopes of catching this beautiful spectacle –

Washington Charters
Photo Credit: Picture No. 1- and the second picture is unknown.

The next images you see of this….will include a photo credit of yours truly!

XO and welcome to Spring everyone!

– J


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The End of an Era

Ahhh I can finally rest! Yesterday was bitter-sweet for me for many reasons. Yesterday brought to a close a 6 year 3 month streak to be exact! I watched as my best friend from college, married an amazing man.



When I woke up this morning I was somewhat emotional…not the balling my eyes out kind of emotional, but the kind of emotional that reminds you that time flies by all too quickly! It was the kind of emotional that made me wake up and want to blog for the first time in a long time (hello fans I’ve missed you).

The last wedding I was in (prior to yesterday) was only 5 months ago. After that wedding I came home, put on some PJ’s and decided to watch 27 Dresses.

Note: I should kick my mom’s behind for thinking this was an okay gift to give me!!

And while I have not personally been in 27 weddings, this morning I realized that in the last 6.3 years I have personally been invited to and either attended as a guest or as part of the bridal party 15 weddings (yes you read that correctly – 15). In addition to those 15 weddings, I was invited but unable to attend 4 weddings and to top it all off with a nice big cherry, I have personally photographed 5 weddings, solo, in that time frame.

6.3 years = 24 WEDDINGS!

That is too damn close to 27! And doesn’t even take into account any weddings I attended prior to 6 years ago! P.S. one of the perks of being in a sorority!

I have personally been in 6 weddings and was honored to be Maid of Honor three of those times (not too shabby..i must point out). This morning I decided to pull out all of the dresses. Each one really does represent a great memory for me and each a representation of a friendship that I value beyond belief. Each friendship for their unique reasons…much like the 6 dresses.


The first one dating back 6.3 years ago, I was asked to be Maid of Honor. So needless to say it was only fitting that I began this era as Maid of Honor and was blessed to end it while being one as well.

With all due respect to the six ladies I have joined….you all owe me BIG time (wink…wink)!

As I delivered my Maid of Honor speech last night, I watched as the bride had tears in her eyes and stood locked in her grooms embrace. I held back tears as I spoke to her and I truly believe in my heart that I could have said nothing at all and she would have known how I felt and how much I value her. It was a good moment that all too soon will become a memory. Again, a reminder of how quickly the years pass!


I know my turn will be sometime in the future and I very much look forward to it. So last night, for the first time, I stood out numbered by a younger generation as the bride so gracefully lobbed her toss bouquet into my arms. It was my first time catching the bouquet and the good news is that if the myth is true, hopefully the next wedding will be my own. I was happy to graciously accept and know that whatever guy snags me up will be a lucky one!


Sara, I love you with all my heart and I wish you and Nick all the happiness you deserve! Have a blast on the honeymoon and can’t wait to hear all about it when you return!


XO -Peeps

And since the actual wedding photographers, were so wonderful about letting me snag some shots and use them on my blog today… are a few more of what couldn’t have been a more perfect and chilly wedding day:)





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Event Planning – Ellen Bessette Events | Central Florida Event Photography

The day I photographed this party, I was dying to share it!
The theme…Gumballs!

This party took me straight back to childhood; it reminded me of my never-ending desire to get a pink gumball out of those huge machines; machines full of different colors!  It let me reminisce, of a time when sticking my tongue out to show a friend the color of my mouth was a-okay and of course it was only appropriate for her to do the same.  In my mind, this party was genius….pure creativity and fun!

I have worked with Ellen on several parties over the past year and have always walked away thinking how amazingly talented and creative she is!  Her parties always leave guests in awe, of her creative expertise, attention to detail and execution and not to mention her ability to ensure the kids have more fun than humanly possible.  Ellen spends countless hours creating unique and special elements so not only the adults enjoy themselves but the kids walk away with a bag full of goodies and most likely some face paint.

I knew this party was creative enough to be featured so I delayed hoping to hear from Ellen……I was so happy to learn that it was featured by Pizzazzerie yesterday on their site!

Congrats to Ellen on another spectacular party and thanks for inviting me –
it’s always a pleasure – J

Kudos to Sweet Temptations…..her Oreos are fantastic!!
I’d highly recommend these to anyone reading!

And of course my post wouldn’t be complete without sharing a picture of the Birthday Girl!! She’s one lucky girl!

RESOURCES: Party Planner/Stylist: Ellen Bessette Events | Party Printables: Amanda’s Parties To Go | Photography: Jenny Peppers Photography | Cookies: Bees Knees Creative | Chocolate covered Oreos: Sweet Temptations | Tutu Wands: Titi’s Tutu’s

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Kyle and Melissa | Jacksonville Engagement and Wedding Photographer

There is something truly special about engagement sessions on my end.  It’s hard to put my finger on the exact reason why I love them so much, but I think it’s because with each session I step up my creativity as a photographer.  Each one of my engagement sessions hold a special place in my heart.  My goal with each one is to truly listen to my clients and strive to provide them with something unique to their relationship.  I’ve found over the past couple of years each engagement session has led me to new photography locations and made for some fun times with each engaged couple.  This session was no different! 

I really enjoyed working with Kyle and Melissa!  I’ve known Kyle for ages…literally for more than half my life so working with him and knowing his personality was simple and made for some funny moments.  Melissa on the other hand I’ve only known for a short time.  I’m proud to say that I’m so happy they found each other!  I absolutely adore Melissa and her bubbly personality.  I can’t wait until their wedding this October and look forward to building a great relationship with her between now and then!  I hope they enjoy this sneak peek…there were so many fantastic images to share from this session – XO – J   

   Her Groom To Be……

His Bride To Be…

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Marcus and Tess | Central Florida Maternity and Newborn Photographer

I must say it’s nice to be back in front of my computer blogging.  Its been way too long and I’m happy that after 10 days of a terrible cold, I finally have enough energy to get some stuff done.  This weekend will be the weekend I was hoping for this past weekend.  I have a lot to catch up on so keep your eyes glued right here:) 

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed the time I spent with this couple!  After our session, I started to feel like I have some sort of kindred spirit toward people who grew up or have lived in New Orleans.  Seriously, I kid you not….everyone I know from that city I just love!  These two were no exception.  They were absolutely adorable together and Marcus’ attentiveness to Tess was simply beautiful!  I hope to have the opportunity to see this family again in the future!   Congratulations to the both of you on your baby boy and I look forward to meeting him.  Hugs – J

P.S. Isnt this jungle themed nursery fantastic?

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Ava Lynn | Central Florida Newborn Photographer

I’d like to take a moment and introduce Ava Lynn.  Ava joined her family right in the nick of time on December 21st.  Luckily for mom, dad and her big brother, she arrived a few days prior to Christmas, letting this family enjoy her arrival as a true holiday blessing (not to mention, they all made it home in time for santa’s arrival).

I have been dying to meet Ava for a few months now!  Her mom confessed early on that they were expecting their second child and I couldn’t wait to find out if they’d be having a boy or girl.  I knew regardless of the gender this little one would be in good hands. Her parents are awesome and she has such a fun big brother!  I’ve throughly enjoyed working with this family over the past year and a half and look forward to seeing them a few more times this year.

To S & J – thank you for giving me the opportunity to join you during the first year of Ava’s life.  I’m very much looking forward to watching her grow up and even more so I’m excited to watch how Nicklaus grows into the big brother role.  I hope you enjoy this sneak peek as much as I do.  XO – J

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