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Shall We Recap…Oh May…..Oh My!

Holy Heck…where did May 2013 go??   Well I can say it went toward photography….especially on my Sunday mornings.  The only Sunday I wasn’t booked was Mother’s day Sunday.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend that day with my momma…but don’t worry we got to see each other a few weeks later 🙂

As I look back on the month, I’m glad it flew by and I am glad June came flyin’ in on positive note.  Thank you to all of these beautiful clients for sharing your Sunday’s with me.

May took me to: the beach on a rainy Sunday morning and then to breakfast in hopes of seeing the sunshine….glad we saw the sunshine!


May took me to: one of my favorite locations for photography on a bright and toy filled Sunday morning….
Oh and by the way – WELCOME to baby Brady – Lil guy was born this morning!!! Can’t wait to meet you!


And then May took me to: the house of one of my good friends and long-time clients for some newborn goodness. Hello Baby Kate!!



Peace out May…..glad to be enjoying June….who’s interested in a recap of June now that it’s almost over??  XO – J


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