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The H Family: 10 of them to be exact!

Like I said in my prior post, I consider this new momma somewhat like family.  She is awesome and I just loved being able to capture this time in her life.  It was an absolute pleasure working with this entire family!

K, I knew you were a great guy, but it was so wonderful meeting the whole crew and I have such an appreciation for how fantastic they all were too!!


Coordinating 10 people seemed like a daunting task in the early stages of my planning but I must admit I am so happy with these images and hope the family enjoys them for years to come.


Lil’ Miss Andi stole the show and towards the end of the session and decided to give me a big ‘ole smile – It couldn’t have ended on a more perfect note!


XO – J

P.S. I promised that April was going to be a busy month around here and I’m so glad to be back up and blogging (its been a long time coming).  I fully look forward to the challenge of delivering great service to each of my clients this month. Keep your eyes peeled for newbies, a few 6 month olds and a special engagement session toward the end of the month.  If you’re on Instagram find me at Jennypeppers21 and on facebook at jennypeppersphotography.



I’d say the ladies are completely out numbered by the guys…but the good news is that there’s room to grow!






I can’t help but post this last one.  I really believe that the love of a grandmother or great grandmother is one of the most capativing loves of all.


Happy Wednesday everyone!!


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Bucket List Item: Photograph the Cherry Blossom Trees in DC

Let me start this post by saying I have NEVER tracked something like this in my entire life!!  Seriously, as odd as this is to admit (yes I’m fine if you call me crazy), I have been slightly addicted to tracking the Cherry Blossom bloom date for over 6 months now.  I have been dying to see these trees in bloom for over two years…stalking was totally warranted!  Unfortunately, tracking the date in which a tree will bloom in Washington DC is almost impossible for someone who is 860 miles away and not in control of the weather patterns!!

Needless to say I gave it my best effort and was pleasantly surprised when the National Park Service issued their first (FIRST is the crucial word here) forecast indicating the exact dates I was hoping to be in DC….BAM!  I scheduled the trip and got really excited.

Long story short, everything was moving along smoothly until March 18th.  That’s when the “experts” chimed in and decided to revise their original forecast… 4 days after I would be leaving – stupid cold weather!  Anyone who knows anything about these trees is aware of the fact that they only bloom (on average) for about 7-10 days(start to finish).  At that point, I was bummed because I felt like I might miss the blooms all together and I’d without a doubt miss the puffy blooms!

Unfortunately with my trip being planned for the following week, I felt like it was too short of notice to reschedule and push to the anticipated “peak bloom” date.   So I hunkered down and began to accept the possibility that I was going to miss seeing these blooms at peak bloom and possibly the blooming all together.  That is where everything started to get fun.

I was fully accepting the fact that I wasn’t going to see peak bloom when I received a text from my “traveling buddy.”  As a side note: oh how I ADORE my “traveling buddy!”  She is one of my closest friends and luckily for her she has lived in Japan and experienced the beauty of these trees in their original environment (not fair!!).

Anyhow, she texted me 3 days prior to our anticipated departure and surprised me with, “Do you want to push our road trip to the following week so you can see the blooms?”  I didn’t originally consider this an option because my traveling buddy doesn’t have as flexible of a schedule as I do (or at least I thought she didn’t).  BUT just like that, I slept on the idea and went into full “let’s see if this is even an option” mode the following morning.

The main concern for me was two client sessions I had already scheduled.

Client No. 1 – AMAZING! She basically said, Jen we are flexible…if this is something you really want to do, we’d be okay with swapping dates.  SCORE!  AND thank you to those awesome clients – more to come on them next week!

Client No. 2 – I consider her slightly like family…I mean her sister in law has been my best friend since 6th grade and I had my fingers and toes crossed that she would be okay and forgive me on this one.  SCORE again!  Forgiven, with me owing her my first born child (ha-ha just kiddin’).  You’ll see their family session pop up sometime in the next few days.

We hit the road and boy oh boy was it 100% worth the fun that ensued the moment we pulled out of the drive way.  12 hours later we arrived in DC and who’d like to guess what happened at that point?? Any takers??

We were officially greeted with the “experts” (I do NOT like these “experts”) revising their bloom date AGAIN…seriously?!?!  Of course it was too late to do anything about it and I must say I’m glad I was lucky enough to catch a few of the trees around the City and Basin in full bloom.  When I say that these pictures do not do the trees’ justice, I’m not kidding!   It was absolutely stunning and I can only imagine what it looks like around the Basin at full bloom.  I will return at some point in my life to catch the spectacle but it might be a while.  I am so happy with what I did see and am so excited to display some of these images around my house.

I don’t think I could ever thank my “traveling buddy” enough but I plan to keep trying because this was one vacay I’ll never forget!  I look forward to our next trip…of course we already picked the location.   More on the road trip and our shenanigans around DC later!

For now enjoy the amazing Cherry Blossoms (Anyone notice the new header?? Copyright: yours truly).

XO – J

There are several types of Cherry Blossoms – these are Magnolia Cherry Blossoms, which were already in full bloom when we arrived.




I think this was one of the Weeping Japanese Cherry’s – I have really fallen in LOVE with this image!


A Little History: Around the Tidal Basin are about 3-4,000 Yoshino Cherry Trees (now you might understand why I wanted to see peak bloom).  In 1912, the people of Japan sent 3,020 cherry trees to the United States as a gift of friendship. The majority of those trees were planted around the Basin.  These images will show you the progression of blooming that took place over the few days I was there. It was amazing to see how much they changed from day to day.




Each tree gave me a peak at different stages, the next two images show one sole bloom on an entire tree.



The tempatures started to warm up during the day and almost overnight things began to change:











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Rememberance Day 2013

I had a different type of blog originally planned for today.  It was highlighting the past few days of my trip to DC.  However, while touring the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, on Friday morning, I decided immediately that today’s blog needed to focus on something different.

Beginning today at sundown and though sunset tomorrow is known as Remembrance Day.  It marks the anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, which occurred in 1943.  I encourage everyone reading this blog to take a moment and reflect on the events of the Holocaust and to memorialize those whose lives were forever changed as result of a terrible act on humanity.

Below you will find a link to a 9 minute video which is titled “Why we Remember:

If you are ever visiting the DC area I encourage you to visit this memorial.  It is a moving, thought provoking and an educational walk through of the Nazi assault, the Final Solution and the Last Chapter of the Holocaust.


There are no real words that can describe the feelings conjured during my visit to this memorial.  My “traveling buddy” and I both exited the museum and could not easily articulate our overall thoughts of the space.  Photography is already such a strong medium for me and images of such terrible acts of inhumanity have now been imbedded into my mind and I am genuinely appreciative of what this memorial offered and the education I received.

I was humbled and overcome with emotion as I walked into the museum’s Hall of Remembrance.  A space created for reflection where a solemn flame burns over dirt gathered from death camps, concentration camps and sites of mass execution. On the main wall reads the following inscription:

“Only guard yourself and guard your soul carefully.  Lest you forget the things your eyes saw, and lest these things depart your heart all the days of your life.  And you shall make them known to your children and to your children’s children.”

May God Bless this country, the people living in it and the people fighting hard to keep it safe. Much Love, J

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I sat down a few weeks ago wanting to blog AGAIN. Crazy right…I didnt blog for 9 months and now all of the sudden….I am blogging 2 times in less than 6 weeks!  I received so many private messages after my last post that I kept thinking – huh I might be onto something!  Thank you to those who reached out and I appreciate the comments received.

I realized my blog doesn’t have to be all about photography.  Heck, I’d rather it not be ALL about photography of my clients, but when I started this thing “back in the day” that’s what it became.

Photography of my friends, family and clients literally took over my life.  And at the time, I needed something to take over my life (maybe I’ll blog about that later down the road and if I’m being honest with the internet world, there might already be something sitting in “draft” status).  Needless to say, photography began as a whirlwind.  I was seriously not prepared for what would come my way when 2010 came knocking at my door.  In fact, I don’t know that from 2009 on, I ever felt on track – at least not until last year.

You might have wondered over the past year if I was still doing photography and the simple answer is yes.  Yes, I have a full-time job and YES I do photography on the side.  It’s simple, I love photography and whether my blog and Facebook pages are filled with “new images” or not, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t continued to tote my camera around capturing things as I see them.

In fact, I think the future of Jenny Peppers Photography might be changing slightly and I couldn’t be happier.  I hope you enjoy it as you start to see things change.  In all honesty, you’re going to see a little less focus on the quantity of clients, and more focus on the path I was hoping this would take years ago (a creative outlet).   This blog will most likely become a hodgepodge of thoughts, photography and life in general.  It’s taken me a little while but I believe this is the direction that will make me happy and will ensure I’m delivering the product I want to deliver when I do take on clients.  SO brace yourselves people….things are about to change around here!   And for the first time in years, the change is oh so welcomed!

And don’t worry I’m not planning a post for tomorrow that’s titled “April Fools!”  Mainly that’s because I’ll be outta pocket for a few days – im heading to DC in hopes of catching this beautiful spectacle –

Washington Charters
Photo Credit: Picture No. 1- and the second picture is unknown.

The next images you see of this….will include a photo credit of yours truly!

XO and welcome to Spring everyone!

– J


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