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The End of an Era

Ahhh I can finally rest! Yesterday was bitter-sweet for me for many reasons. Yesterday brought to a close a 6 year 3 month streak to be exact! I watched as my best friend from college, married an amazing man.



When I woke up this morning I was somewhat emotional…not the balling my eyes out kind of emotional, but the kind of emotional that reminds you that time flies by all too quickly! It was the kind of emotional that made me wake up and want to blog for the first time in a long time (hello fans I’ve missed you).

The last wedding I was in (prior to yesterday) was only 5 months ago. After that wedding I came home, put on some PJ’s and decided to watch 27 Dresses.

Note: I should kick my mom’s behind for thinking this was an okay gift to give me!!

And while I have not personally been in 27 weddings, this morning I realized that in the last 6.3 years I have personally been invited to and either attended as a guest or as part of the bridal party 15 weddings (yes you read that correctly – 15). In addition to those 15 weddings, I was invited but unable to attend 4 weddings and to top it all off with a nice big cherry, I have personally photographed 5 weddings, solo, in that time frame.

6.3 years = 24 WEDDINGS!

That is too damn close to 27! And doesn’t even take into account any weddings I attended prior to 6 years ago! P.S. one of the perks of being in a sorority!

I have personally been in 6 weddings and was honored to be Maid of Honor three of those times (not too shabby..i must point out). This morning I decided to pull out all of the dresses. Each one really does represent a great memory for me and each a representation of a friendship that I value beyond belief. Each friendship for their unique reasons…much like the 6 dresses.


The first one dating back 6.3 years ago, I was asked to be Maid of Honor. So needless to say it was only fitting that I began this era as Maid of Honor and was blessed to end it while being one as well.

With all due respect to the six ladies I have joined….you all owe me BIG time (wink…wink)!

As I delivered my Maid of Honor speech last night, I watched as the bride had tears in her eyes and stood locked in her grooms embrace. I held back tears as I spoke to her and I truly believe in my heart that I could have said nothing at all and she would have known how I felt and how much I value her. It was a good moment that all too soon will become a memory. Again, a reminder of how quickly the years pass!


I know my turn will be sometime in the future and I very much look forward to it. So last night, for the first time, I stood out numbered by a younger generation as the bride so gracefully lobbed her toss bouquet into my arms. It was my first time catching the bouquet and the good news is that if the myth is true, hopefully the next wedding will be my own. I was happy to graciously accept and know that whatever guy snags me up will be a lucky one!


Sara, I love you with all my heart and I wish you and Nick all the happiness you deserve! Have a blast on the honeymoon and can’t wait to hear all about it when you return!


XO -Peeps

And since the actual wedding photographers, were so wonderful about letting me snag some shots and use them on my blog today… are a few more of what couldn’t have been a more perfect and chilly wedding day:)






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