Shana and Barrett | Central Florida Engagement and Wedding Photography

As the holiday’s passed and my “break” came to a close, I had a  fun opportunity to work with a friend of mine from college.  Shana and I have known each other for years and share many mutual friends from our college days.  She’s an awesome girl, but what was truly fun about this session was seeing her interact one on one with, her fiance, Barrett.  I loved every minute of working with these two.  They have a cool eclectic style that I absolutely love and their genuine playfulness is completely adorable.  When we began brainstorming for the session, Shana shared with me a special piece of their engagement that became somewhat of an inspiration for the session.  When Barrett proposed he gave her a card that said everything perfectly: ” Beside You, Next to You….Near You.”

I wish them all the best as they begin their lives side by side and as near as two individuals can be.   Thank you both for the opportunity to share in this small piece of your engagement and cheers to many years of happiness
XO – J


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