On the 9th Day of Christmas…..

On the 9th Day of Christmas Jenny Peppers Photography shared with me….9 great holiday gift ideas for anyone on your list
(I pray you have finished your shopping, but if you have not this might help),

8 things I love about my Epiphanie,

7 of my favorite bloopers

6 on a super windy day,

5 Faces of Harrison,

4 of my Holiday Favorites,

3 Moms Expecting,

2 Teeth + 2 Tickling 


One Free Starbucks Gift Card

1: For warmth – my absolute favorite blanket EVER!
Last year a close friend blogged about this blanket…and ever since I’ve been hooked.  I sleep with it every night – seriously soft blanket and it comes in a good array of colors.  If you’re lucky enough you’ll get one on sale.  They drop down to $29 after Black Friday every year and I believe they still have some
colors available online.  Go snag one up!  

2: For the cook in your house hold – head to Williams Sonoma!
They had some great gifts on sale and if you spend $50 you get $10 free towards your next purchase.  Clearly, I’m a sucker for these kinds of things and Williams Sonoma hooked me into come back at the start of 2012.  If I had to recommend one gift that’s my favorite from this store, it’d be Peppermint Bark – YUM!

3: For the coffee lover – make them a basket with some Starbucks goodies. 
I was out shopping and noticed that all of their Holiday specialty items are $30% off this week.  So in the basket you could include a mug or tumbler, a Starbucks Holiday CD and some coffee or a gift card.    

4: For the Music lover – (Several options)
– An I-tunes gift card, nothing can beat having some extra dollars to blow on downloading music. 
– Or you can head over to Brookstone and pick up a Big Blue Live Wireless Blue Tooth Speaker. I happened to swing into Brookstone and thought this was a cool little gadget.  It works with any
Bluetooth enabled device and the sound output was really great!

5 & 6: For the aspiring photographer or someone who just wants to take pictures (I listed a lot of these so it counts as multiple ideas
– The Rebel T3i is amazing!  In fact, I’d highly recommend any of the Canon Rebel cameras. 

– If you’re looking for something a little more user friendly, check out the most up to date Canon ELPH 300 HS….all of the Canon Powershot cameras are fan- flippin’- fantastic!

– Or check out these great camera straps from Spice up your Camera Pepper (LOVE the name) 

 7:  Books:
–  I’ve heard awesome things about the Biography of Steve Jobs.  With a man who accomplished so much, it’d probably be worth reading!

–   I’m interested in picking up The Element, by Ken Robinson.

8:    For the gadget guy:
I phone 4S of course!  Who wouldn’t want to chat with a girl named Siri!

9.   For the family:
A gift card for Jenny Peppers Photography…redeemable in 2012 (Wink, Wink, let me know if you are interested)

If you’ve seen other holiday gift ideas feel free to post here or on my facebook page.  With Hanukkah already in full swing and Christmas right around the corner, I’m hoping some of these ideas helped you out – J



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