On the 8th Day of Christmas…..

On the 8th day of Christmas Jenny Peppers Photography shared with me…..8 things I love about my Epiphanie camera bag:

7 of my favorite bloopers

6 on a super windy day,

5 Faces of Harrison,

4 of my Holiday Favorites,

3 Moms Expecting,

2 Teeth + 2 Tickling 


One Free Starbucks Gift Card


I  have been wanting to blog about this camera bag for a year now!   It’s so awesome and I’m glad I finally get to share all the things I love about it!

No 1. The removable adjustable inserts.  I had no idea how much I would like this feature until the wedding I photographed in November.  I was so happy to be able to fit three lenses and a flash into this bag! Oh and I should probably mention it now – the inside of this bag is hot pink….LOVE IT!

No 2. I received it last year for Christmas; it was my favorite present of 2010! My bag is still in fabulous condition…and it goes with me to every session…it even gets tossed around a bit.  So I promise it’s a quality product and well worth the price!  

No 3.  I love the fact that it has a removable strap + handles.  When I traveled to Vegas earlier this year, the camera bag came on board with me and doubled as my purse (it even disguised the fact that I was carrying a lot of camera equipment, which at some point I realized I appreciated).  As soon as we arrived in Vegas I put the adjustable cross body strap on and carried it like I do to most sessions. 

No 4. Epiphanie offers multiple camera bag options….if you don’t love my Lola…then pick style that suits your personality.  They are all wonderful and all look like regular stylish bags.  I think my favorite thing about these bags is that they offer so many color options!

No 5.  Price.  I said it above and will say it again – it is well worth the money!  These bags are made well and hold up. 

No 6. The bags are designed by a woman….need I say more

No 7.  Each bag comes packaged in a beautiful storage bag and includes a motivational card tucked inside the front pocket.  I still have my motivational card and look at it often. 

No 8.  And I know it sounds stupid, but I love the little camera tag. 

I really cannot express enough how much I’ve enjoyed having this bag over the past year.  As new styles come out I find myself looking to see what my next purchase will be…. (I’ve got my eye on the clover in a vibrant color). 

They say the devil is in the details and I’m happy to say this company focuses on the details and goes way beyond to deliver a high quality product that is light weight and stylish.  Kudos to Maile and he team for an amazing product. 

Head on over to their website and pick one up for youself….you’ll see what I mean:) Oh and they are giving away lots of prizes on their Facebook page…I think tomorrow is a $100 gift card to Anthropologie.




On the 8th Day of Christmas…



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