On the 7th Day of Christmas….

On the 7th day of Christmas Jenny Peppers Photography
shared with me 7 of my favorite bloopers, 

6 on a super windy day,

5 Faces of Harrison,

4 of my Holiday Favorites,

3 Moms Expecting,

2 Teeth + 2 Tickling 


One Free Starbucks Gift Card

I’m thinking you might be familiar with the TV show, “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” well im here to tell you as a photographer, not only do they say funny stuff….they also do REALLY funny things.  I think part of the reason I enjoy/love photographing children, is that each session is unique and presents its own set of challenges and opportunities!  As a newborn photographer the odds of walking out of a session without being peed on are very slim and you really never know how a two-year old will act until you’re mid session.  My job is fantastic because sometimes, if I’m really lucky, I capture those extremely funny moments. 

These are some of my favorite bloopers that have caused me to laugh out loud during the session or given me a great chuckle while editing. To the mom’s of these kids, thank you in advance for not being upset that I shared these.

Blooper No. 1: We were doing our standard family photos when all of a sudden…
well I’d say the picture is worth a 1,000 words. Don’t mom and dad look great!


No. 2: During sessions I tend to follow along with what ever is keeping the kiddos happy. In this case, a water bottle was exactly what Jalynn wanted for entertainment.  Unfortunately for me, moms typically don’t want water bottles in their family portraits.  So we spent a few minutes hiding the bottle from Jalynn…the hiding spot you may ask…..under her dress.   

No. 3: These two twins are awesome to work with!  Imagine trying to get two boys to sit still and actually look toward the camera and possibly smile at the same time!  Some how we always end up with a handful of great shots, but this is how a lot of them go. 

No. 4: Oh where to start with this little guy?  Some how a lot of my sessions end by playing in a fountain or with water.  This session was backwards and we began with the water.  I wish I could explain in words how funny this was, but I know I won’t be able to.  Either way Mr. Brooks decided that he wanted to dip his hand and 1/2 of his arm into a fountain then taste the water….this is the face he made each time he tasted the water.

No. 5: Nicklaus wanted to head into this store so bad!! Unfortunately he wasn’t interested in stopping to read the sign.

No. 6: There isn’t much more to say about how fun these kids are – I love working with them!  They were dying to let loose during the session so we did some fun photos and let them enjoy themselves.  I wouldn’t be overly surprised if mom used this one for their holiday cards.  

No. 7: Anyone with a toddler knows this is the best kind of kiss you can get…its also fun as a photographer to capture a baby trying to eat their daddy’s nose.  My favorite part, is that dad just kept smiling like nothing was out of the norm.



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7 responses to “On the 7th Day of Christmas….

  1. Jessica

    LOL great shots Jenny. I remember the blue chairs. They were a little easier to control back then:)

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  3. Jen H

    I think this post is my favorite!

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