Tis The Season….

You may be asking yourself…why in the heck hasn’t she blogged since the beginning of November?  You may also be wondering if I’m still around and if this blog is worth following or better yet, if you want to hire me as your photographer?  People I tell you, I’m still around, this blog is still worth following and just to prove it I have something special planned for you:)  AND of course….don’t be silly, hiring me would be the best decision ever!

In light of how much I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS and my love of music, I’ve borrowed an idea from some fabulous photographers I follow and plan to do a little 12 days of Christmas jingle for you all.  Brace yourself for what’s to come (swing by tomorrow) and consider yourself warned because it won’t always rhyme!! And a little factoid for the technical people out there…traditionally the 12 days of Christmas actually begins on December 25th and goes until January 5th, but this 12 days of Christmas ditty will be backwards…starting tomorrow and ending on Christmas. 

So kick back, grab your favorite holiday beverage (maybe a little Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks…I’m just offering suggestions) and enjoy this extended stretch of blogging.  Happy Holidays Ya’ll – J


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  1. Andrea

    Oh, I’m excited!

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