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Ava & Jack | Central Florida Children and Family Photographer

Disclaimer No. 1: This is a long post, so if you check out my blog for just the photos…keep scrolling to see the cute kiddos.  🙂

I love this time of year – I really do!  For me October is like a kick off to cooler weather, all things pumpkin, it includes the anticipation of spending valuable time with the people I love over the upcoming months and of course the excitement of seeing clients I haven’t seen in a while. 

Last year I didn’t know what I was stepping into.  October rolled around and I was completely blindsided when clients contacted me looking for holiday sessions. 

Disclaimer No. 2: October – December of last year was when my business changed for the best!  It’s when I realized that people other than my friends displayed my photos in their home (not going to lie this was a big deal for me).  It’s when I realized that new clients were calling me, people I didn’t even know.  It’s when I began to realize that editing after a long day at my “full time job”…while listening to whatever Pandora station I enjoyed at the moment…could be therapeutic.    
But with that being said, I booked 18 FULL client sessions between October 1st and December 31st of 2010.  This might not seem like a lot to a normal person who is thinking “those sessions spanned over three months,” but keep in mind I only photograph on the weekends.  And note there were only 13 weekends.  Weekends which happened to include all major holidays that fell between October, November and December.  And keep in mind, that my work isn’t complete until clients receive an edited CD of images. 

It was pure insanity and I learned a valuable lesson.  I decided that not getting my Christmas tree up and decorated the way I like would not be an option this year.  I decided that spending the day after Thanksgiving at my parents house editing was also out of the question.  I also decided this year would be different. 

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when this momma emailed me in JULY to book for the holidays!!  THRILLED!!!  Not only was she booking early, she knew exactly what type of session she wanted.  They picked the place and the rest became a fun afternoon of photography, pumpkins and playing.  It was exciting to see how much Jack had grown up over the past year and fun to capture Ava being the big sister.  F & L it was great seeing you guys again and thank you for allowing me to capture you family this year!  I hope you guys enjoy the photos and I look forward to next time – J


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Brady’s 5th Birthday | Central Florida Children and Family Photographer

Brady and his sister Berkley have some of the coolest parties in town.  After leaving his party last year, I was almost 100% sure this year’s theme would be guitars.  I was wrong and evidently the birthday boy loves sharks! 

The candy table was adorable and included sushi for the kids.  I loved the idea and can’t wait for the girl who made many of the goodies (including the cake and sushi) to launch her food blog!  I’m looking forward to all the great things she comes up with and will make sure to share the site when it’s active.  Scroll to the bottom of this post for a vendor list.

The birthday boy and I snuck away for a little bit just to capture one good shot for mom.  K, I hope you enjoy!
I’m only somewhat joking when I say I think I captured Brady and his first girlfriend (wink wink). Every time I went looking for the birthday boy I found these two hanging out.  Aren’t they cute…

And this is the birthday boy’s sister, Berkley.  It was impossible to do a post and not include a few cute photos of her.

Since I included a photo of Brady and his girlfriend I figured I’d include a photo of Berkley and, her BFF, Lilly.  I just love watching these two grow up and am excited to photography Lilly in the coming month.  

Many thanks to the party planners for yet another wonderful birthday celebration!  I love joining these celebrations and these two always make me feel like part of the family.       

If you haven’t joined me on Facebook click here to become a fan.  I use my facebook site to keep clients in the loop on specials, seasonal information, tips for making the best of your session and much more.  Also, if you are interested in booking a Holiday Mini I have a few spots left on October 23rd.  Email me at for more information. 

She purchased fabrics used off of etsy and purchased her paper lanterns from Party City.

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