Cameron & Carson| Central Florida Children Photographer

How do I begin?  Let me start by saying this session with Cameron and Carson was totally (110%) out of the norm for me.  I pulled up to the location for our session and was greeted by someone who said, “You must be the photographer.”  I kept thinking, did I look that much out of place?  Immediately after I answered, “Yup that’s me,”  I was ushered in, to sign a waiver of liability.  Again, out of the norm for my typical children and family sessions (LOL)!  BUT this was not a typical family session.  This was ridiculously fun and somewhat dangerous! 

Cameron is 12 and his brother Carson is 10.  I worked with this family a few months ago (for a regular family session) and the dad asked if I’d be interested in joining them again for something with just the boys.   I immediately jumped at the opportunity to try something different.  In fact, this was my first time photographing a sport.  The good news is that I’m somewhat of a speed junkie so I throughly enjoyed every moment of this session. 

Cameron and Carson have been involved in Motocross for years and could probably kick my behind on the track any day of the week.  They are both awesome riders and I was extremely impressed with their talent at such a young age.  It was fun being on the track and watching the boys and I enjoyed capturing the bond between Rick and his two guys.  With this being my first time photographing Motocross, I hope I was able to capture some of what Rick was looking for!  I definitely enjoyed myself and look forward to hopefully joining them again in the future – J

The guys are sponsored by Jeremiah’s Italian Ice….Yum!!

First up for the day was 10 year old, Carson.  I have a feeling Carson is the firecracker in this family.  I knew this after our first session, so it was fun seeing him in his element and totally serious when it came down to riding.  

Next up is 12 year old Cameron.  My favorite conversation of the day occured when I asked Cameron why he liked Motocross.  It was a simple response, but was enough for me.  He said, “because I’m really good at it.”  Not gonna lie, I totally agree with him!  

As a reminder, don’t forget to book your 2011 Holiday Session.  Mid-November and December will be limited to Maternity and Newborn sessions this year so book early.



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4 responses to “Cameron & Carson| Central Florida Children Photographer

  1. Kristen B

    That is seriously bad ass.

  2. Katie

    Love Love Love these!!! Thanks Jenny for another awesome job done for our family! Can’t wait to see the rest!!!

  3. Andrea Sides

    These are great shots! I would think this would be harder since they’re moving so fast. You’re good!

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