MacKayla| Central Florida Newborn Photographer

It’s been several weeks since my last post and I’m happy to say I took some much-needed time off.      

Once, I decided to get back in the swing of things, I headed out toward  Ocoee to work with Miss MacKayla for her newborn session.  I can’t explain how much I enjoyed working with this mom and dad.  They are two of the most dedicated parents I’ve ever met.  Justin and Amie have a gift for soothing their daughter and the love shared between the three of them was ever so apparent. 

Miss MacKayla was alert and ready for her session.  If she had it her way, she would have been wide awake for the entire session but mom and dad managed to put her to sleep so we could capture some beautiful sleepy moments in between the awake ones.  I hope to work with this family again the future and look forward to seeing MacKayla as she grows up.  Hugs, J

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend as much as I did!  As a side note, don’t forget to book your Holiday Sessions.  I’m already starting to fill up and am excited to be offering Mini Sessions this year, email me for more details and “Like” Jenny Peppers Photography on Facebook!


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