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The Hinton Family | Central Florida Maternity & Newborn Photographer

I always get excited when friends contact me for photography!  I enjoy the opportunity to work with couples I know and get excited about sharing in what ever special moment is occurring, that causes them to contact me. 

In the case of M & L, they are preparing to welcome a little one into the world.  Eli will be here before they know it and after spending the afternoon with them, I realized they are as prepared as two new parents can be for a baby!  

I learned some really great things in the two hours I spent with this couple: 
1) Regardless of how prepared new parents think they are…some parents are okay admitting they aren’t.
2) M might put me out of a job…(I’m only kidding) but as we walked around the Lake Eola area, he had his camera phone out snapping some pretty amazing landscape shots.  He likes working with two awesome iphone apps – Autostitch and photoforge2  (check em out). 
3) This last one will stay with me for a long time.  If you leave something (like a full Tijuana Flats beverage) sitting alone for long enough around the Lake Eola area (5 minutes can be long enough), chances are someone might pick it up and act like it’s theirs…I’ll spare you the picture of this event, but needless to say M lost his drink to a guy not wearing shoes.  Lesson learned…the guy with out shoes probably needed that drink more than M. 

In all honesty, I was so happy to do this couple’s maternity photos.  L is carrying in such a beautiful way and M is going to be a great dad (i just know it)! Thank you to you both for letting me capture this time in your lives.  Congratulations and can’t wait to meet Eli when he arrives – Hugs, J

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