Jesse and Alicia | Engagement

Over the past two weekends I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with two sets of engaged couples.  When I first began photography, I was drawn to weddings, but was also quick to realize it’s a hard industry to break into.  So instead of starting with weddings like most family photographers do, I did things backwards and started with the families.  It gave me a unique opportunity to pratice my skills and learn some valuable lessions prior to taking on weddings.  Im now proud to say wedding photography will be one of the directions Jenny Peppers Photography will head in the future. 

I was so happy when Jesse and Alicia contacted me to discuss not only an engagement session, but their November wedding as well.  Jesse is friends with another client of mine and it turns out Alicia and I have some mutual friends as well (small world right).  With wedding photography, it’s extremely important to me that clients understand my style and that i’m able to connect and establish a positive working relationship with the bride and groom right off the bat.  I couldn’t have ask for a better couple than Jesse and Alicia!  They are down to earth and trusted me fully.  We discussed what they were looking for from their engagement session and fused both Jesse’s ideas with Alicia’s.  I  was so happy with their photos and can only hope they like them as much as I do.  Thank you both for trusting my opinion and I look forward to sharing your wedding day with you. Hugs – J




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3 responses to “Jesse and Alicia | Engagement

  1. Dana McLane

    Love you Jesse and Alicia!
    Congrats again!!!

  2. Kate Dougherty

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!!

  3. Melissa B

    Love these pics! So gorgeous….your subjects and the pics!

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