Boys Will Be Boys | Central Florida Children and Family Photography

These two always keep me on my toes during sessions!  They are the most adorable 1.5 year old twin boys and I just love every moment of working with them (mainly because no moment is the same)!  This time was fun because “we” (when I say “we,” I mean their parents) went from trying to get them positioned on large rocks to trying to make sure they didn’t lick the rocks!  Only to finish up by the pool area in an all out effort to keep them away from the water (look how well that worked out).  

I typically leave these sessions exhausted and head home wondering how mom and dad do it every day – kudos to them for being amazing parents!!  It’s always a pleasure J & J.  I hope you all had a great vacation and glad I could join you for a little bit.   Can’t wait until next time, XO – J

P.S. This family photo is probably one of my favorites.  Not because every thing is perfect and everyone is sitting perfect, but because this is a true representation of this family at  this time in their lives. 


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