Central Florida Children and Family Photographer| Old Buddies

I’ve known this mom for ages….literally…almost my entire life!  Her mom was my swim coach starting at the delicate age of 6.  She taught me to love the water and instilled a passion for the sport of swimming in me.  AND as my love for swimming grew so did my competitiveness.  It grew so much that it landed me smack in the middle of two of the best swimmers I knew.  This mom and her older sister (we’ll call her “Aunt S”…..hi Aunt S.)   One year I would be swimming with Aunt S. and the next with this mom…it was a challenging to say the least, but always so much fun and left me with some wonderful memories! 

This past Saturday was different than our weekends from years ago.  It was the first time I met, not only M’s husband, but her two adorable boys Chase and Tyler.  I really enjoyed this session and I’m glad I got to meet her family.  I look forward to photographing them again in the future because they are so darn cute!  Thank you M & R, I hope you enjoy! – J

P.S. The first picture is hands down my favorite of the day!  I love when mom’s let their kids have fun during sessions, even if it means being drenched by the time we’re done.  This picture brings back so many memories I associate with the summer months here in Florida and is a photo I’ll enjoy for a long time!



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2 responses to “Central Florida Children and Family Photographer| Old Buddies

  1. paty

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… i loved them!! soooo soooo sooo sooo cute!

  2. Aunt S

    OMG!!! Love them!! I agree with Jenny, the 1st one is the best! Awesome work!! Love you M

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