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She had her Cookies & Ate them 2| Orlando Children’s Photographer

Little Miss Berkley had it all this past Friday at her 2nd birthday party – friends, cookies, milk and music!  I LOVED THIS THEME!!  Milk and Cookies + some great Kindermusik to celebrate her birthday.   So simple, yet executed beautifully (once again) by her mom & dad!  I love joining this family’s parties and watching their kids grow up each year; it really is a pleasure.  She always comes up with wonderful themes and makes sure that all of the kids invited are engaged and entertained.  She never forgets the parents either! 

Brady their son made my day, with one simple question (which he asked right before I left): “Ms. Jenny, can you come to my birthday party too?”  Of course it was because I handed him and his close friends lollipops on my way out but I think I’m going to leave that part out and pretend it’s because he loves me taking his picture (wink, wink)!

Thank you J & K it was a pleasure once again!  Check out this fun party & all of her vendors below:  

As always here is a list of her vendors incase you want to celebrate with a similar theme:

Entertainment:(this was so much fun and I highly recommend them)!!
Kindermusik with Grow & Sign Studios

Davis Bakery & Company – Cake
Sugah Sugah Cakes n’ More – Mini cupcakes
Fresh Chick Designs  – Invitations and the thank you tags  
Frog Prince Paperie – Food & Cookie Labels, Front Door Sign & Cookie Table Sign (Great FL Vendor!)
Sunshine Bakes – the tile cookies with her Initial
KenaGrace & Elliesgarden on Etsy made Berkley’s T-shirt and her bow. ( FYI, These two are friends so they work together to make sure it looks good and matches)



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Central Florida Children and Family Photographer| Old Buddies

I’ve known this mom for ages….literally…almost my entire life!  Her mom was my swim coach starting at the delicate age of 6.  She taught me to love the water and instilled a passion for the sport of swimming in me.  AND as my love for swimming grew so did my competitiveness.  It grew so much that it landed me smack in the middle of two of the best swimmers I knew.  This mom and her older sister (we’ll call her “Aunt S”…..hi Aunt S.)   One year I would be swimming with Aunt S. and the next with this mom…it was a challenging to say the least, but always so much fun and left me with some wonderful memories! 

This past Saturday was different than our weekends from years ago.  It was the first time I met, not only M’s husband, but her two adorable boys Chase and Tyler.  I really enjoyed this session and I’m glad I got to meet her family.  I look forward to photographing them again in the future because they are so darn cute!  Thank you M & R, I hope you enjoy! – J

P.S. The first picture is hands down my favorite of the day!  I love when mom’s let their kids have fun during sessions, even if it means being drenched by the time we’re done.  This picture brings back so many memories I associate with the summer months here in Florida and is a photo I’ll enjoy for a long time!


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Orlando Newborn Photographer| Teo

You might remember this family from one of my favorite maternity sessions  late last year.  R & S are so great and I was beyond excited to finally meet Teo.  He’s somewhat of a fighter and has been struggling over the past month with irregular heart beats so it was good to see him and know he’s doing well.  Teo was wide awake for most of the session despite his mom’s best attempts to get him into a deep sleep.  Luckily, I think we were able to capture some really beautiful shots of this little guy that I hope his mom and dad enjoy.   XO and can’t wait to see you guys again!!  Congratulations on the next chapter in your lives – J  

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Orlando Newborn Photographer| Grace

Grace – the exercise of love, kindness, mercy or a favor. 

As I left this session, I spent a long time thinking about the meaning behind Grace.  After being with this family for hours, it was clear to see they had named their daughter after what had occurred in their own lives.  To provide a little insight, this mom and dad waited for 5 years to find out they were pregnant and another 10 months to know who would be joining their family.  They chose to not know the gender wishing only for 10 fingers, 10 toes and a healthy baby to call their own.  It was by far one of my favorite newborn sessions.  The love that I felt from this mom and dad towards their newborn was unexplainable.  I am thankful that they chose me to photograph little Grace and hope that they enjoy what we captured. 

Congratulations J & K, she is beautiful and yes….she is all yours!  I hope to see you all again in the future – J

P.S. I might be a little biased too, but isn’t this little girl just adorable!  

The headband used is from Girliebowtique on Etsy.


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Orlando Newborn Photographer| Bradley

Mr. Bradley arrived to the world just before I departed for Vegas and I was so happy to have the opportunity to work with him last weekend.  His mom’s maternity session was one of my favorites and I was really looking forward to the opportunity to hold this little guy and get some fun shots for his family to treasure.  I’ve said this a million times, but as a photographer, I always find specific elements during my session’s intriguing.  Each session is completely different and during Bradley’s I was drawn to the way his hair curled right above his forehead.  Several of the shots below captured that little special thing which is characteristic to only him.  It’s what caught my eye immediately when I saw him.  I notice as I’m editing each session, I find myself drawn to the special qualities of my clients, each one unique and beautiful. 
B & L, thank you for the opportunity to work with you all again.  I look forward to many more sessions as Bradley grows up.  XO – J

P.S. Swing back by in a few days to see images from a workshop I took this past week.   


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