Orlando Children’s Photographer| Sweet like sugar..and only 1

OH what a day!  Jake’s 1st birthday was full of dino-mite fun!!  His mom and dad had everything planned out perfectly and I know Aunt Mishy helped too!  My favorite part of the day occurred when everyone sang “Happy Birthday.”  I was lucky enough to capture the moment in the 5th picture below.  Jake heard everyone start singing and just lit up.  I mean huge smile & arms in the air to wave..kind of excitement.  It was by far the cutest thing I’ve seen thus far at a 1st birthday.  Thank you to B & E for allowing me to share this special day with you, as well as all the others over the past year!  I look forward to watching Jake grow into the wonderful kid I imagine he will be! 

The two links below will take you to my very first sessions with this family.  It’s hard to believe how quickly they grow! 

To contact her cake designer visit:
 http://www.wix.com/cupcakekisses/cupcake-kisses.  AND let me just say, I’ve had a few of these cakes and they are amazing!!
She also worked with the wonderful team over at LePoppy Design http://lepoppydesign.com



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3 responses to “Orlando Children’s Photographer| Sweet like sugar..and only 1

  1. Michele

    Jenny! You did an incredible job of capturing precious moments of Jakey! Your amazing!!!!!

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