Orlando Children’s Photographer| And they’re ONE!

It’s hard to believe that one year ago these little guys were born.  I remember visiting them at the hospital with their mom and dad.  Just last weekend they celebrated their 1st birthday with lots of family, friends and fun!  The next day I met up with all of them at a location I’ve been wanting to photograph at for over a year (it turned out perfect).  These two guys gave me a run for my money and kept me on my toes which im sure is how their parents feel every day.  Both days were fun and I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with all of them one more time before they move up north.   J & J…you all will be missed, safe travels and best of luck with everything!  Hugs, J




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3 responses to “Orlando Children’s Photographer| And they’re ONE!

  1. Jessica Balaguer

    As always great pictures Jenny. If I hit the lotto I will fly you to us for the boys pictures LOL:)

  2. Val

    mucho cutisimo. really great job. Must be cool to see their growth!

  3. Sara

    The one of Joaquin kissing Javi is too cute and priceless!

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