Bradenton Children and Family Photographer| I’m Back BUT Baby It’s Cold Outside

I took a much-needed break over the past couple of days.  I really didn’t have a clue what the “holiday season,” in a photographers world, would bring me this year but let me just say it was an eye opener and a blessing at the same time! 

I love photography and enjoyed working with all the families I saw between the months of October, November and December!  I’m grateful and am looking forward to 2011.  If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve been drooling over Epiphanie Camera Bags.  I’m happy to say that Santa (aka my boyfriend) knew I’d been good this year!!! Lola and I are becoming great friends and she’s already been her first road trip (more on her later)!     

Back to Lola’s first road trip and the weather.  I’m a born and raised Floridian so when the temperatures drop below 65, I tend to bundle up.  I think it’s fair to say that this week has been chilly and Monday was probably the coldest day of the week.   I jumped in the car and headed over to Bradenton to photograph one of my favorite little guys and his entire family (you might remember him from his newborn session, wow he’s grown up)!  We originally planned to do this session at the beach, but had to revise considering we had two children under the age of a year.   We literally froze our tushies off and took shifts heading outside to photograph.  This family braved the weather and I’m so glad they did!! 

To the T’s, the B’s and the M’s, may your 2011 be as wonderful as your 2010!  Oh and it was so great to finally meet Savannah; she is so beautiful and I love so many of the shots I got of her!!  XO- J



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5 responses to “Bradenton Children and Family Photographer| I’m Back BUT Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. melissa

    Beautiful pictures Jenny! Brooks & Savannah have got to be two of the cutest babies ever! Great pictures of a great family!

  2. Lauren Merkwan

    Thank you so much for coming down and photographing our family. You did such an amazing job and I can’t wait to see more! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! 🙂

  3. Jen

    So I finally needed to see for myself what all the hubbub was I have been hearing from you about this camera bag….and WOW! I have just added one to my birthday list! Got my eye on Bella and Ginger 🙂

    Great pics as always Jenny!

  4. barb wesley

    what wonderful pictures of my family! I’m Lauren and Kristen’s aunt, and I have to compliment you on your work. They are beautiful pictures.


  5. Elana Shackelford

    OMG! That picture of Savannah…what a perfect little face!

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