VIP at 23

Love happens and sometimes it’s in the most unexpected places, when you’re least expecting it.  That’s the story with this couple.  She was enjoying being an independent woman and he was heading out with a co-worker for happy hour.  I’ve heard Kevin tell the story before, but had never heard Kari’s side until this past Tuesday.  After hearing both sides, I’m going to vote and break the tie – Kari initiated it….
I was so glad when this couple contacted me.  Kevin has been a long time friend and when I found out that he proposed to Kari in Napa I was overwhelmed with excitement.  She is such a sweet girl and Kevin is a true gentleman.  We decided it would be ideal to recreate their trip to Napa during the engagement session.  This took us an entire day, 3 locations and over 200 miles.  It was full of love, wine and a little excitement.  I’m quite positive that this was one of my favorite sessions to date and I look forward to seeing them again in May 2011 for their wedding.  Congratulations to the both of you and thank you asking me to do these for you, I really enjoyed it!  XO – J  




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4 responses to “VIP at 23

  1. Elana Shackelford

    Absolutely beautiful Jenny! Loved the “love story”.
    Kevin and Kari look amazing!

  2. Jessica Balaguer

    Beautiful Pictures Jenny:) We need to talk about the boys 1st birthday photo shoot soon:)

  3. Sara

    Amazing! So nice to see your first engagement session come out so great. Kari’s style is adorable and so perfect for the two of them. That session captures them perfectly. Congrats!

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