She Makes Me Laugh

I can’t help but enjoy working with this family!  I’ve known the dad for years….literally I think we are going on 10 of them.  He got me my first job out of college and his wife…she is one of the sweetest and most genuinely beautiful ladies I know!  Which in turn means they have the cutest, funniest and most awesome 5-year-old little girl!!  Julia has such a great personality and makes me laugh constantly while im with her.  Typically it’s my responsiblity to come up with ideas during a session and make the kids laugh, but not when Julia is around. 

This session was so much fun and the orange grove location was just perfect.  J & A, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Congratulations on celebrating an anniversary recently and all the other exciting things happening in your lives.  I can’t wait until next time we see each other and Happy early Thanksgiving!! – J  
P.S. I’ll be enjoying my Thanksgiving tomorrow but visit on Friday for a beautiful engagement session!    



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2 responses to “She Makes Me Laugh

  1. Amy Kalin

    Wow, J you really out did yourself these turned out amazing! I can’t wait to see the other photos and all the silly poses Julia came up with…lol 🙂 Thanks again for taking these for us, I can’t wait until our next session.

  2. Sara

    Julia is an exact replica of Amy! Such cute pictures, beautiful girls!

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