Love Em’…..

I love working with this family!  There is nothing better than a momma who prepares for a session…I mean…really prepares!  I showed up at their house to find two duffel bags packed, a diaper bag, plenty of coordinated outfits and of course an entertaining Aunt ready to help me out. 
I’ve never talked about “Aunt Mishy” in my past posts, but today she deserves some recognition!  She helps out “behind the scenes” and on my end it is always much appreciated!!  I’ve been photographing E, B and Jake for almost a year and my sessions with them are always so much fun.  Today did not disappoint and I truly had a hard time picking my favorites for this post; Jake is growing up so fast and is just adorable!  Enjoy guys – J

P.S. Make sure to subscribe, I have a lot of sessions this week and plan to post every day up to Thanksgiving! Make sure to swing back by and see all the cuties!   




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5 responses to “Love Em’…..

  1. karen levy

    jennifer, you never disappoint! I love the pictures .They make me smile and warm my heart! Thank -you for a job well done.

  2. Michele

    As always, unbelievable! Great job, Jenny! It is always my pleasure to join in the fun!

  3. Michele

    Sign me up for subscription!

  4. Jessica

    You are awesome! I mean the subjects couldn’t be more perfect either. Great job!

  5. Jen

    These are the BEST ones yet! These are all so great!!!! Maybe Aunt Mishy can help the Hankes Family out next time! 🙂

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