Miss Teagan & her lady bugs

First birthday’s are some of my favorite to photograph!  There’s something about the excitement surrounding them, that I just love.  Whether it be ensuring the theme is perfect, that the birthday girl is dressed cute as a button for all of her guests or the anticipation of how much cake “smashing” there will be, the parties themself are always memorable in their own way!  Speaking of cake smashing, Teagan’s smash cake and one larger one was created by Jenna and looked amazing!  If you’re interested in obtaining pricing for a special event, Jenna can be contacted at jecillc@gmail.com  This party was ‘my kind of party’ and I’m so glad Teagan’s parents contacted me.  I hope to work with this family again in the future and I hope they enjoy this sneak peek! Thank you guys it was so great working with you – J 



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3 responses to “Miss Teagan & her lady bugs

  1. Jen

    Beautiful shots Jenny! You did a great job capturing Teagan’s 1st Birthday! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics!

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