9 months x’s 2

TWINS!!!! J & J, as I like to call them, have grown up so much!  I havent seen this family since around the time these two little guys were born, which was 9 months ago.  If fact, they were my first set of infant photos…Wow – time flies!!  Although we don’t get to see each other as much as we used to, it’s always fun meeting up with this family, hearing stories about the boys and learning about the new and exciting things going on in their lives.  This time was no different and wow J & J have  grown into the cutest little guys ever! 
Thank you Jess and Papa for contacting me, it was so wonderful to catch up with you both and your family is just beautiful!! XO – J


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  1. Jessica Balaguer

    Thanks again Jenny for capturing the 2 most wonderful people in our lives:) I posted the pics on fb and left your address. A friend of mine already contacted me asking about you. Of course I told him you are amazing 🙂 love ya

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