Lil’ Jakester

This was the perfect start to my weekend and oh how I love my new lens!!!  There is nothing better for a photographer than a lens that can throw the whole background out of focus, but keep the subject sharp as a tack! 

Speaking of subjects, I’ve been photographing lil Jake since he was born however it’s hard to believe that was a little over 6 months ago!  He has grown up so much and it’s exciting to be able to capture it all for his mom & dad!  Even Lennox joined the fun for a little bit, however was more interested in sleeping.  I love how these photos came out and so thankful for friends like B & E.  I hope you both enjoy these and can’t wait until next time! – J         

 Swing by tomorrow for a new session! Im super excited about meeting this family and finding a perfect location for their session in Lakeland, FL.  Until then…..



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3 responses to “Lil’ Jakester

  1. Michele

    Jenny, Wow unbelievable pictures!!!!

  2. debbie gloria smith

    Thank you in documenting this beautiful growing family. Your pictures are stunning.

  3. Jessica Balaguer


    Great new pics. I’m glad to see that everything is going so well for you. I always drop by your blog to see whats new and see how you get better everytime.


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