All in a Day’s Work

Today was a full day! Two infant sessions back to back, which couldn’t have gone better.  I made a new friend this morning and caught up with an old one in the afternoon.  I can’t even begin to thank everyone that has begun following me on this journey.  I feel so lucky to be doing this and thankful that it’s all falling into place.  Lots has been going on since my last post, so I figured I would take a quick moment to keep everyone in the loop.  Last month I hit a record of over a 1,000 blog hits in one month and the number of people visiting Jenny Ann Photography continues to grow!  I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks focusing on website options and a logo designs.  I’m happy to say that if you hang out a little while longer, you will see the start of a new brand and a fresh logo! Here is a sneak peek for the parents from today’s sessions.  I’ll add the individual post’s tomorrow, so swing back by to see the precious Chase and Addison sessions individually! – J

P.S. These two kiddos made it hard to pick just one, the first is Addison and the second is mom and dad with Chase!


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2 responses to “All in a Day’s Work

  1. Brooke Braman

    Both are incredibly precious! You have a gift girl! So amazing to see it all unfold!

  2. Shelley

    Thank you sooo much for a great session! We had so much fun and you were so good with Chase. You have a great eye for backgrounds & textures and we cannot wait to see the pics which I know will be wonderful!

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