I had an Epiphany

The other day I had a sudden realization that as much as I enjoy shooting on the Canon Rebel XS that I should need to have a much better camera!!  Don’t get me wrong the Rebel has been a fantastic camera to learn on but I’m looking for bigger and better, which unfortunately equals more $$$.  As I’m saving for the camera of my dreams, I was tickled pink to come across a site that is giving MY camera away for FREE.  Yup you heard it, who would have thought that surfing the web, admiring other photographers blogs would have landed me on this jewel of a site? 

It’s perfect timing,  now I just need to figure out the quickest way to winning this little piece of heaven!  The Canon 5D Mark II oh how much I need you.  This would be the next step, the next big thing.  My goal is to be a photographer full time and this is a key part of that goal!   

This lovely store out in Texas came up with the best idea ever, no more ugly camera bags-enter cute functional, trendy bags… Epiphaniebags.com & haveanepiphanie.com.  The mastermind behind the idea, a woman-go figure!  I tend to believe that women are amazing and come up with some of the best ideas ever!  Epiphanie Bags currently has three great bags that are reasonably priced and you bet I plan to snag one up at some point in the near future!   Join me in my excitement and feel free to post comments!  Wish me luck – this would help me on my journey in a way that I could only dream of!!! 


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  1. Jen

    I am totally looking into that bag evrm though I have 2 I love already!!!

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