Exciting Day…

Today is an exciting day for many reasons!  For starters, it’s my birthday and yes I still love celebrating birthdays!  It’s also my last day of Photography One!  The past eight weeks have flown by and oh how I wish it would last a few weeks longer.  Today, I will be critiqued on photographing people.  Thank goodness, because I was getting antsy!!  Waiting 7 weeks to be critiqued on what you really enjoy is a long time!!  Wish me luck!  

 I decided to take a moment today and post some of my favorite things from this week and the photography class! 
1) The book, Visual Poetry by Chris Orwig, (see cover below) was recommended to me and its more amazing than I ever expected!!  I received it for my birthday along with Nat Coalson’s Lightroom 2: Streamlining your Digital Photography Process.  I am so excited about these two books and look forward to my creative juices being pumped up over the next few weeks!   
2) I received a bouquet of beautiful flowers from some great co-workers and even got my favorite- a piece of Red Velvet Cake, which will go great with my new pair of running shoes!!!
3) Over the past 8 weeks, I learned that creativity isn’t something that only a few people are born with-its an aspect of life that some nourish and other’s ignore.  If a photo moves one person then I’ve done my job and plan to consider it a successful day.  I look forward to many more photography classes and many more years of nourishing my creativity!  Cheers & Happy Monday – J  

(Photo is unedited)


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