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Hoot Hoot, Berkley Turn’s 1!

Candy, Cakes and Owls…Oh My!  This was one heck of a party theme!  Berkley’s first birthday was filled with tons of friends and lovely owl inspired creations from the following etsy sites: for a banner, cupcake toppers and the adorable napkin rings! made a really neat high chair banner.  Her special cakes, yes there were two, were made by located in central Florida.

The amount of detail that went into this party was spectacular!  This momma had everything covered, even down to the hair bow Miss Berkley wore!!  I had the opportunity to snap some photos of sweet little Berkley’s room, which was just as cute as she is and as beautiful as her eyes!  Enjoy and be inspired for a party of your own! – J



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Oh Baby!!

“OH YEAH,” today was wonderful!  M & F are two close friends of mine and are expecting their first child.  We ventured out of the house today to find some wonderful locations for photographing Baby T in his first session.  Mom and dad were troopers, as we ventured around Rollins College and into slightly sketchy alleys.  Again, I’m so lucky to have friends that let me head into my little world and run with it.  I can’t wait to meet baby T and photograph him again in a couple of months! Enjoy!!! – J


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I had an Epiphany

The other day I had a sudden realization that as much as I enjoy shooting on the Canon Rebel XS that I should need to have a much better camera!!  Don’t get me wrong the Rebel has been a fantastic camera to learn on but I’m looking for bigger and better, which unfortunately equals more $$$.  As I’m saving for the camera of my dreams, I was tickled pink to come across a site that is giving MY camera away for FREE.  Yup you heard it, who would have thought that surfing the web, admiring other photographers blogs would have landed me on this jewel of a site? 

It’s perfect timing,  now I just need to figure out the quickest way to winning this little piece of heaven!  The Canon 5D Mark II oh how much I need you.  This would be the next step, the next big thing.  My goal is to be a photographer full time and this is a key part of that goal!   

This lovely store out in Texas came up with the best idea ever, no more ugly camera bags-enter cute functional, trendy bags… &  The mastermind behind the idea, a woman-go figure!  I tend to believe that women are amazing and come up with some of the best ideas ever!  Epiphanie Bags currently has three great bags that are reasonably priced and you bet I plan to snag one up at some point in the near future!   Join me in my excitement and feel free to post comments!  Wish me luck – this would help me on my journey in a way that I could only dream of!!! 

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Sweet Surprises

Not only did this little guy arrive to the world early; he surprised his mommy and daddy by sleeping the entire time I was there!  I was prepped and ready to go.  Babies being awake during sessions have become the norm for me, and this momma definitely had me convinced that this lil’ guy might be a tough cookie.  Boy, oh boy, was she wrong.  It was sweetness for a photographer and I consider myself lucky that little Logan was so peaceful!  The images I captured today made it hard to pick just a few to post but I hope the mom and dad enjoy the first few as much as I do!! Little L was such a pleasure and I look forward to many more sessions with this family!  
Mom and Dad, I hope your night is as peaceful as our day was – J


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Exciting Day…

Today is an exciting day for many reasons!  For starters, it’s my birthday and yes I still love celebrating birthdays!  It’s also my last day of Photography One!  The past eight weeks have flown by and oh how I wish it would last a few weeks longer.  Today, I will be critiqued on photographing people.  Thank goodness, because I was getting antsy!!  Waiting 7 weeks to be critiqued on what you really enjoy is a long time!!  Wish me luck!  

 I decided to take a moment today and post some of my favorite things from this week and the photography class! 
1) The book, Visual Poetry by Chris Orwig, (see cover below) was recommended to me and its more amazing than I ever expected!!  I received it for my birthday along with Nat Coalson’s Lightroom 2: Streamlining your Digital Photography Process.  I am so excited about these two books and look forward to my creative juices being pumped up over the next few weeks!   
2) I received a bouquet of beautiful flowers from some great co-workers and even got my favorite- a piece of Red Velvet Cake, which will go great with my new pair of running shoes!!!
3) Over the past 8 weeks, I learned that creativity isn’t something that only a few people are born with-its an aspect of life that some nourish and other’s ignore.  If a photo moves one person then I’ve done my job and plan to consider it a successful day.  I look forward to many more photography classes and many more years of nourishing my creativity!  Cheers & Happy Monday – J  

(Photo is unedited)

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