Happy & Excited

I was told during my second photography class, which by the way was two weeks ago, to “Take Excitement & Credit for Happy Accidents.”  I think part of what he meant was to have confidence and when something happens that you don’t expect, don’t let anyone onto your secret, which he referred to as a “happy accident.”  Well everybody, I think I should start off with WOW- who knew that I was capable of doing what I did today – definitely not me!  This is my first big “happy accident.”  B & E are one of the most attractive couples I know!  Their wedding photos are some of my favorite photos to look at for inspiration, and well, they are just photogenic people.  I think I’ve said it before, but incase I haven’t – I have a different perspective of how “pretty” my friends are since taking up this “hobby.”  I feel like I’m babbling, but I swear it’s true!  Today was no different.  I’m very pleased with the results, as I hope B & E will be.  Jacob is probably a tired lil’ man after today.  4 hours of posing is a hard job, but he was a trooper and let me catch exactly what I was looking for! Thanks you guys, XO – J




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4 responses to “Happy & Excited

  1. karen levy

    The pictures of E&B and baby Jake are incredible!I want to stare at them all day!!From a grandma’s point of view you captured the love of new parents toward their baby and the pure beauty of a new life. I cannot wait to see more pictures. The pictures bring me great joy. Thank-you.

  2. melissa

    You had absolutely gorgeous “subjects” to photograph – but you have to take credit for your amazing talent too! These are fabulous pictures JP. I love, love, love the second picture. The blue wrap makes baby Jacob’s blue eyes pop & his little mouth couldn’t be cuter. Love the basket picture too. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.

  3. Michelle

    LOVE!!!! You are doing such a great job! So proud of you! Elana, Jacob, and Blake look beautiful.

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