Double The Fun

Oh BOYS!! J & J are twins boys that are 20 days old. It was so much fun to see how their personalities have developed over the past 2 weeks, especially since i last saw them at the hospital.  Mom and Dad have had their hands full with these little guys but seem to love having twin boys.  I hope you enjoy the pictures above as much as I do! They were my first set of infant photos and definitely will not be my last! – J



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3 responses to “Double The Fun

  1. Jessica Balaguer

    I love them Jenny:) The pacifier pics crack me up. I will have to tell them the story on how they didnt cooperate one day LOL. Cant wait to get them all and send announcements. You will be the first to receive one:)

  2. Laura Santana

    these pictures are beautiful the twin boys are my grandchildren great shots .

  3. Jessica Balaguer

    ok so i am stalking your blog lol. I was looking at the new pictures again and then I decided to go back to the ones 20 days after they were born and wanted to cry:( Thank heaven for pictures to capture all the changes that the boys have gone through.

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