Sweet Beginnings

I feel blessed tonight – It was such a good evening!  I had the opportunity to visit two sets of families at the hospital.  I’ve witnessed both families get married and it has been such a pleasure to watch their family grow. 

One family has been blessed with a preemie which arrived two months early, but will probably head home soon.  The picture below made me realize how special bringing a life into this world can be and confirmed why I want to be a photographer.  I wish lil Jacob the best and can’t wait to see him come home! Congrats B & E – he is just perfect!

And the other, was blessed with full term twin boys.  Jess and Papa (whom you might remember from one of my maternity sessions) will have their hands full when these little guys come home.  What lucky parents to have two guys whom are both super healthy.  Although they both look different- please don’t ask me which one is which.  When I walked into the room, I wasn’t sure where J & J were.  It wasn’t until after mom pointed them out that we got a good look.  In these photos they are comfy as can be…snuggled up next to mommy.

Both families are so different but I enjoyed capturing these and cannot wait until the little guys come home so we can get some more!  Thank heaven for little boys and congratulations to both families!
Hugs, Jenny



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4 responses to “Sweet Beginnings

  1. Beautiful photographs. Such special moments to capture.

  2. Jessica Balaguer

    Love the pics Jenny. I must have been really out of it because I didnt even realize you took pictures LOL. Please send me the pics from the night you visited the hospital if possible or add them to the recent photo shoot cd:)

  3. Michele

    Jenny, it is a true blessing to have you capture moments like the ones above. It has been quite the journey for little Jake and it put a huge smile on my face to be able to go back to this picture and think of todays. Thank you for making that happen!

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