Christmas is almost here!!!

I love the holidays more than anything & normally I love giving gifts more than getting!  BUT this year I cannot wait to get something in the mail!  Thanks to my Dad for doing some research & providing an early Christmas present of some extra $$, I was able to purchase Adobe Lightroom prior to Christmas and for super cheap.  I received the email today and the word, SHIPPED, made me more excited than you can imagine!  I’ve been bored as heck over the past couple of weeks since my 30 day trial ran out.  As soon as the software arrives I’ll post some of the pictures I took last weekend that turned out just great, so swing by next week! 

Like I have mentioned before my family is wonderful!!  They support me in everything and I can’t thank them enough for all that they do.  Afterall, it’s taken me this long to find out what kind of career I would really enjoy and hopefully I’ll stick with this and make them proud! This is the kind of gift I’ll never forget as it will help me in this journey of becoming a photographer full-time so thank you Dad!


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