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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It’s wonderful when you have the opportunity to photograph children whom are not only beautiful but also super calm and mellow!  It’s also equally great to have co-workers (at my real job) that want to dress their grand kids up for the holidays!  This was quite possibly the cutest idea ever!  These two are super cute twins that were just so fun to photograph.  Hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays from the cutest pilgrims ever!!


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Families galore

This weekend I was asked to photograph five children and six adults.  Photographing one family is a task in it’s self so I was a little nervous about how I would do!  The kids were great, so full of energy and ready to go!  I have fallen in love with some of the photos I captured and truly enjoyed these  families.
 Thanks you K & J- it was a challenge but so much fun!

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Mommy To Be

I’ve had a long weekend between my niece’s 5th birthday and a maternity session today, however I wanted to give the mommy to be a preview of some of the photos from today!!!  I’m so lucky to have such great friends whom let me photograph them at my heart’s desire! Thanks Jess and ‘Papa’ and I hope you like these first few-more to come!! P.S. I’m loving the Lightroom software!  – J

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The power of editing

I had no idea, until a few weeks ago, how much of an impact editing can have on pictures. Yes, you have to learn how to take a good photo and if you can get the composition correct the first time, it makes life a lot easier.  I must admit however that I am blown away by Adobe Lightroom.  This software is unreal!  Stay tuned, I have a 30 day trial of the software so i’ll be spending a lot of time in the upcoming weeks working though the capabilities and testing what I can do. 

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