Beach Fun

This weekend, I had the opportunity to take some photos of a couple I’ve known for years.  They wanted to head to the coast for some beach shots which turned out to be great- the sunset was just beautiful!  Juls, their daughter, was so much fun and a pleasure to photograph.  I can’t wait to take more photos of this family in the future! 

I couldn’t resist uploading the second picture below, although it wasn’t the best photo of the day, it summed up the loving relationship this couple has!




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3 responses to “Beach Fun

  1. Amy Kalin


    Your the best! Everyone just loved the pics you took 🙂

    Thanks again for doing that for us!



    • Amy, if you get some time, check the page at the top that says kids, she’s on there. Im going to be editing a few of Juls and will definetly want you to have the updated/edited ones! Glad you enjoyed the photos and more importantly glad we got them done prior to the wedding! -J

  2. Cathleen Kalin


    We all loved the shots that Amy and Josh used at the wedding. I would like to see the full set of shots and perhaps add a new pic to my wall in our kitchen of family photos that I did in sepia.

    Love your work so far. I think you have a bright future ahead of you.
    Good luck.
    Cathy Kalin

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