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Wild and on the run!

Dogs are so much fun! This is Posh, and although a little energetic, she is my baby!


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As requested, Sunsets

I’ll continue to upload pictures like this when I’m lucky enough to catch them.  I noticed the sky in my rear view mirror today while I was on my way home.  I missed catching the sun before it went below the trees, however I think you can imagine how pretty it was!

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Bentley heads out for the day…

This little guy stole everyone’s heart, as he strolled into the office today!  Lucky, his momma let me snap some photos while he was relaxing at the end of a long day’s work.

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Beach Fun

This weekend, I had the opportunity to take some photos of a couple I’ve known for years.  They wanted to head to the coast for some beach shots which turned out to be great- the sunset was just beautiful!  Juls, their daughter, was so much fun and a pleasure to photograph.  I can’t wait to take more photos of this family in the future! 

I couldn’t resist uploading the second picture below, although it wasn’t the best photo of the day, it summed up the loving relationship this couple has!



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Take as many pictures as possible

I learn by doing and luckily many books recommend practice, practice, practice!  I’m getting out there and taking as many pictures as possible to understand how to take a good photo.  Every time I shoot I am presented with something new.  I love it!  Next week I have a family that would like some photos at the beach.  Im excited and hope to capture some really great shots, it will  be fun to take photos outdoors.  I’ve been doing some research on editing software and hope to purchase lightroom soon.  The photographer I work with on occasion uses this software and swears by it.  Feel free to leave comments regarding my work, and stop by again soon!

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